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5 of 5 FOUR by 4 on Sport Cruiser June 9, 2020
Reviewer: Rodney Kranz from White Lake, Mi  
My Boat is a 2007 Sea Ray SD 310 Length OA 33' 4" Weight 14,000 lbs. Motors Twin Merc 5.0 MPI 260 hp each. Stock Props. 22P 3 blade WOT RPM 4300-4400, Speed 37 MPH Very slow out of hole and could not hold plan under 30 MPH. I went with FOUR by 4 with a 20P The difference is Amazing. I'm running 4900-5000 RPM which is the recommended max HP RPM for those motors. I gained 2.6 MPH on the top end and out of the hole is very fast. No need for trim tabs. The motors are running quieter, smoother and boat stays more level Port to Starboard. I can easily hold plane at 24 mph and it handles waves better because the props are holding the stern of the boat so well, you can feel it grip. The props basically checked all the boxes with this performance upgrade. I would not recommend going down in pitch unless you need to increase in RPM, for me that was needed. My motors are running with allot less stress and you can here the difference. This was a great improvement on my boat. Thank you!

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5 of 5 4 by 4 Duo props for a bravo-3 June 12, 2019
Reviewer: Rick Curtis from peoria Arizona  
so I called Hill Marine and spoke with Joe, I explained to him what I was trying to accomplish to eliminate my 1999 Cobalt 230, with a 454 mpi. from hitting the rev-limiter when trimming the bow up too high. I've also put the corsa captains choice exhaust on it. Joe explained to me the difference of the duo 4 blades VS. the duo 3 blades. I needed to go up from my 3 blade 24 pitch to a 26, but based on what information he gathered from me he suggested I go with the 24 pitch 4bades, more hole shot thrust and less RPM on cruise speed. let me tell you.. I've been a boat owner for over 18 years and Joe nailed this. it's a rocket out of the hole, it holds the bow up, my friend is his boat said he has never seen that much of the bottom! on full throttle I gained 2 mph with 300 less RPM. I have to mention its easier to handle at low speeds and trailering.
BIG thanks to joe and Hill Marine... the only manufacturer of the duo 4blade, and they look as great as the picture!

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5 of 5 380 Cruiser Yacht October 2, 2018
Reviewer: John Gaines from Ogden, UT  
Hi Joe.
I finally got to use the new props you sent me.  
Wow...   I jumped on plane in no time at all.    I was going through 30 mph in under 20 seconds.
I held plane at 24 mph.   Turning hard over was sharper and I didn't need to add power to stay on plane in the turn.
All this test was done with out using trim tabs.   All this great performance in a 20,000 lb boat.  
I couldn't hold plane with my old Merc props unless I was at 4000 rpm or more and 30 mph.  Even then it was work.
Every wave I hit, I would have to add power to maintain speed.
t took forever to plane out as well.   Without trim tabs, it wouldn't get on plane when the boat was loaded.
I also want to point out that I could get into my Engines RPM range with my Merc props. Even so, they still performed like crap. The engines sounded great with Hill props, like they were working less, and my fuel consumption was 20-25% less at similar speeds with the Merc props.

Thank you for all the help.  I should have done this years ago.   It's like a new boat.


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5 of 5 Great Propellers!! June 11, 2013
Reviewer: Jonathan Richards from Tucson, AZ United States  
Hello, This is Jonathan Richards, we spoke via phone, and I ordered your 4X4 20p propset for my Bravo 3 350mpi powered 23 foot Tahoe deck boat. They replaced my 3 blade 22p. I bought these props I believe in February, and haven't tried them out till this last Sunday. WOW what a difference, I believe you nailed this one on the head! Great job. I'm sorry I haven't tried it till this last weekend. I am very happy, snappy, planes quick, very, very happy. I just wanted to type you a note to say thank you, And if I manage to ruin these, I'll be sure to buy the next ones from you!

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5 of 5 Gentlemen, I can't thank you enough! September 12, 2012
Reviewer: Mark Carroll from Oak Hill, VA United States  

I recently purchased your 4x4 26 pitch setup for my 2005 230 hrs Chaparral 256SSI, 496 max Bravo III 2.0 ratio

The difference in performance is simply outstanding, frankly I didn't think the boat was capable of this type of performance. Period.

I had a 3X3 28 pitch, top speed with light load 63, no hole shot.

Now, planes in 6 seconds, top speed 57 mph, like a rocket from a dead stop to 45 mph

First trip out my wife and daughter immediately looked at me and said "What did you do?"

Boat feels like it is at least 6 inches higher out of the water, steers easier, motor now has rip !

Motor sounds like it works less, tons of power and mid-range is just amazing.

Anyone who has a 3X3 needs to call you , again can't thank you enough!

The $$$ was worth every penny even for the 2 times I have used it, just amazing.

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5 of 5 Four by four for bravo III August 28, 2012
Reviewer: Wallace Hartman from Tulsa, OK United States  
Awesome went from a 24 pitch on my Merc.496 mag, put on a 22 pitch 4x4.  I own a Crownline 26.6'  260LS.  This is a very heavy boat, my Planning time is cut in half.  I still get 55 mph top end wot.  I stay on plan at 16 mph.  That is six mph slower than with my old prop.  This is great for my wake boarders and tubers.  I feel so much better being able to see over the nose of the boat. The boat is safer and my wife feels much better about driving the boat. Easier to trailer, the boat goes much straighter at low speeds.  I absolutely recommend this prop.  I wish I had purchased this prop earlier.

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5 of 5 In short: WOW. what a difference from stock 24p June 18, 2012
Reviewer: Dennis Gl from Bay City, MI United States  

I just want to thank you for the props.

I had my first trip with the new props yesterday. tested with 4 people in the boat
In short: WOW. what a difference from stock 24p Allthogh you told me it wouldn't drop in rpm it dropped from 4700 to 4500 rpm.(max 4600)
And cruising speed at 3700 rpm the speed raised with about 4-6 mph. And instant throttle response.

Thanks so much.


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5 of 5 Four By 4 July 26, 2011
Reviewer: David Ruark from W. Jordan , UT United States  
I called Ron, and after telling him my problems with my 26.5 Bayliner Cruiser, he recomended the Four By 4. 20 pitch. I was using a Bravo Three 22 Pitch and the boat at 5800 feet wouldnt not plane off with 6 people in boat. After installing the new propeller we went back to the same lake and the boat was on plane in no time with the same 6 people. We lost nothing at top end and gained 400 more rpm. The propellers are beautiful. I cant stop looking at them. If they recommend the pitch, listen to them, there right on.

Thank you very much.


David Ruark

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5 of 5 Four by 4 propellers on my 26 foot Tritoon May 25, 2011
Reviewer: Trent Harris from Huntington Beach, CA United States  
I just wanted to write you to compliment you on the props I just bought. I have a 26' Tritoon with a Bravo Three Outdrive. I bought the boat with 24s on it. I could not reach WOT and was about 1000 RPM under.
I called and talked with Ron. We agreed that 22s would probably get me up to the recommended WOT.
I have done a lot of things to boats and cars to improve the performance but I have never felt this big of a difference.
The set of 4X4's I bought made a giant difference. The boat takes off far better and I picked up 5 MPH. The performance was absolutely outstanding.
Thanks again for a great product and your knowledge.

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5 of 5 Chad & Ron, March 31, 2011
Reviewer: brian Saylor from Mooresville, NC United States  
Just wanted to compliment you Both on my New Four X Four Bravo 3 Set for the Sea Ray Sundancer.  You both did a Great Performance Improvement Increasing my RPM by a 1000 and out of Hole Shot in Half the time!  Holding on the Plane is incredible and so are the turns without Cavitation=WOW. Thanks again and look forward to doing business again.
Best Wishes,

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